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Ricardo Quinones


214.526.3626 ext. 129
TREC #725372

About Ricardo Quinones

Having lived the majority of his life in Guatemala City, Ricardo Quinones was able to see first-hand how, new industries from international businesses outsourcing into the country, and a fast-growing population lead to the largest city in Central America. It was not only the physical and economical aspect of the growth that captured his attention but the art of bringing new ideas together to a society with a different culture open to embrace this newness.

Ricardo saw in DFW a very diverse community, an opportunity to emerge himself and operate in a very unique globalized commercial real estate market. Prior to joining DB2RE, Ricardo had the opportunity to work at Transac Real Estate in Guatemala, Huffines Communities in Dallas and the Woodmont company in Fort Worth.

Ricardo is now focused in the DFW market where he has developed a passion in finding the “why” purpose in every project and representing the best interest of his clients.

Ricardo graduated from Texas Christian University with a Bachelors of Science in Economics.